Rumenotom Umbrella Trocar™ - 6pcs in Box




“It’s not trouble anymore about acute, subacute, chronic,

tumescence. Thanks to permanent rumenotom no more

peritonitis, or repeated probe applications.”

Because of the difficulty of injecting parenteral drugs and the risk of lung aspiration, medici-

nes can be injected in liquid form at different points of the rumen with RUMENOTOM

UMBRELLA TROCAR and pistole sheath.

The skin is cut with the hidden sharp lancet On the stalk

of rumenotom

The muscle and rumen is need to breakdown with enough force.

While stalk is pulling down to the back, the blue wings are pushed

forwards. The wings opened on rumen are opened in the same

way on the skin.The layers are stabilized both inside and

The rumenotom stays at least 3 days, at last stays 1 months. The

gas release, introminal feeding, medicine support can be done.

After conclusion of the treatment the blue wings are cut on the skin

or the rumenotom is plugged out by taking out from tube. The hole

is healed in 10 days

For the repeated occasions the spare canullas in the box. For the

foamy bloating the large rumenotom, for the gas bloating small

rumenotom is used

Foamy swelling of the stomach by giving foam exfoliant medicine

(Artificial insemination pistolis and syringes can be used for this purpose.)

Release of the released gas from the rumenotom should be ensured.