Ultrasound Scanner - Handscan A5


  • Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner For Small Animals Dogs Cats Sheep GDF-A5


    GDF-A5 is a practical veterinary B-ultrasound diagnostic system. Its embedded operation system greatly improves the product performance, achieving stronger data process ability and fast process speed. Pop-up menu and keyboard design bring more convenient to users. The device is applicable to the measurement and calculation of the obstetric for sheep, cat, dog and other animals.

    Main Functions: 
    - For pregnant animals
    - Master postpartum uterus recovery
    - Diagnosis of uterine diseases
    - Observing embryo development
    - Measuring fetal heart rate
    - Estimate the number of babies

    - Model No.: GDF-A5
    - Monitor Size: 5.0 Inch LCD Screen
    - Storage Capacity: up to 128 images
    - Electrical capacity: 3000mAh
    - Optional Probe: 2.5Hz, 3.5Hz, 5.0Hz (Default Probe: 3.5MHz)
    - Max. Scan Depth: 190mm
    - Multicolor Display: Red/Yellow/Blue/Black

    Parameters of Default Probe 3.5MHz:  
    - Axial Direction: ≤2 (Depth≤80)
    - Dead Zone: ≤8mm
    - Geometric position Accuracy (%):
    Horizontal direction: ≤ 20
    Vertical direction: ≤10
    - Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M
    - Image grayscale: 256 levels
    - Image magnification: x1.0, x 1.2, x 1.5, x 2.0
    - Built-in memory to store up to 128 images
    - Depth (mm): 120~190, 8 adjustable levels
    - Measurement function: distance, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate, gestational age
    - Character display: case number, age
    - Main Unit power consumption: 25W
    - Adapter power consumption: 45W
    - Net Weight of Main Unit: 800g

    Package Included:
    - 1 x Main Unit
    - 1 x Probe
    - 1 x User Manual
    - 1 x Power Adapter
    - 1 x Carry Case

    Note: Optional Probe: 2.5Hz, 3.5Hz, 5.0Hz (Default Probe: 3.5MHz). Please tell us the one you want when purchasing. Thank you!